Biometrics - The Identification Method

The enrollment station is connected to the PC that runs the enrollment software and the concentrator database.

The first-time recording of fingerprint data is done with the enrollment station. The enrollment software files the recorded information as a reference template in the concentrator database.

The template is supplemented by a badge/personnel number and distributed to the individual Fingerprint terminals. This distribution takes place once. Afterwards, all data is managed directly in the terminal.

The terminal identifies the employee by matching the employee's fingerprint with a template containing the employee's personnel number. This comparison with all stored reference data is called one-to-many (1:n) matching.

With this trend setting procedure no badges are necessary - each person uses the fingerprint for identification.

Biometrics - The Verification Method

During verification a person's biometric data is recorded at the enrollment station, converted by an algorithm to a biometric reference data record, and transferred to the individual's badge.

The reader and fingerprint sensor are integrated into a reader module, that fits into many terminals and sub terminals.

This comparison is called one-to-one (1:1) matching. If the two data records match, the employee's identity is confirmed. Another advantage of this solution is that the employee's biometric data is stored on the badge and responsibility is with the holder.





Digital Video Recorder 32 Channels

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Create up to 511 door groups and 511 door elevator groups create up to 256 time zones, 512 different schedules and 3 different holiday types Monitors door forced open and door held open alarm conditions at reader-controlled doors.

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keri systems

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Doors NetXtreme™, by Keri Systems begins with sophisticated SQL compliant software, operating in a true client/server environment. Feel free to enjoy multiple concurrent users, login across multiple concurrent sites, all accomplished without the imposition of third-party royalty fees. By all accounts, client/server applications have been deemed far superior to browser-based applications for security and information integrity. Still, you can count on Doors NetXtreme™ for ease of use and administration, as the user interface has been designed around an extremely intuitive front-end. Whether your application calls for dozens of operators or thousands of doors, Keri's Doors NetXtreme™ is the answer. Either of our two-door or four-door panels will handle 50K cardholders in resident memory. They can communicate seamlessly over your network or you may decide to create a new network utilizing simple CAT-5 cable. NXT-4D and NXT-2D panels are equipped with 4-pin block and RJ terminals for ease of connection. Once connected, an intuitive, one-button, auto-configuration process with embedded MAC address makes your setup a cinch.