The power of music

We all know that music brings different emotions within us. When we hear music we seem to experience different feelings; music affects our perceptions and at the same time music generates behavioral patterns within us. We can feel peaceful, relaxed, excited, bored or invigorated when we hear music. No one is completely neutral to music. Music is a very powerful means of communication and can persuade us to do things. Music is used in therapy as a way to reach patients. Studies have also found that music can help children learn better.

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Where did Karaoke come from?

Karaoke, a Japanese term means "empty orchestra". In Japan karaoke bars are for both pleasure and business. Singing for a client to a bar can mean the difference between getting a contract or not. Not so in the United States. In the United States the only thing you may lose when going to a karaoke bar is your inhibitions.

Why did Karaoke become so popular?

According to Marko Majanovic:

"There's an unmatched factor of interaction in karaoke. Anyone can just pop in a CD of their favorite band and listen to it in the car, but with karaoke you actually get the chance to sing the songs yourself."

" People do it for the rush. It's like being a rock star for 15 minutes. Everyone is cheering for you. Sometimes the worse you are, the better you are." Brady Cane - Karaoke DJ

According to Elisabeth Blance, manager of a bar " Karaoke gives people a sense of camaraderie, it helps break the ice, make friends - everyone knows everyone by the end of the night." According to her "alcohol plays a part in lubing the karaoke machine... Everyone wants the mike after a couple of drinks."

" Deep down everyone wants to get down on stage and perform. People are slow to start singing. The first two hours no one signs till the first fool comes up, and then everyone can't get enough of it."

" Karaoke is a form of entertainment that is here to stay"

Keeping up with the latest karaoke craze that has swept local bars, clubs and restaurants, Videocom installs the latest Karaoke Systems as well as DVD Players that are an excellent way to keep your customers entertained, create a social interaction among them. Give your customers their 15 minute of fame, have them come back week after week,and at the same time increase your bottom line.


Our commercial or home audio and video installation covers Background, Foreground, DJ’s or Karaoke music. Videocom installs brand name systems like BOSE, JBL, Tannoy, QSC, Crown, DENNON and other top of the line brands.

Videocom assures audio & video installation quality systems for any application including home entertainment systems. Whether a bar or restaurant, retail store or large events, or just your living room home theater, Videocom audio video equipment installation is ready to provide you with the right products for all your audio video av installation needs. We are excited to take any opportunity to install an audio stereo or surround sound systems as well as video plasma or LCD display systems that will enhance your business or residence. Our systems would strive to create an aesthetically pleasing environment from both a visual and audio perspective.

Each Videocom A/V system including speakers and audio amplifiers is selected with care by our system specialists to ensure an excellent optimization of the audio video equipment. We can integrate A/V systems from a vast array of top audio-video manufacturers and provide solutions that work best. We can offer even balanced sound with multiple volume controls in different areas of your business or rooms of your residence for local control and easy use from an operational standpoint.

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While music and dining seem to be an excellent match, we strive to deliver an audio system with even sound coverage and distribution of speakers at carefully chosen locations to minimize echo and delay effects. Our audio zoned sound system would create a relaxing dining, would enhance your customers overall dining experience.


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Videocom is working with Property Management Companies in providing Audio and Video systems installations in Gyms at their properties in New York City and beyond.

Videocom has installed and serviced the audio video GYM system at Knickerbocker Building in New York City.