This package contains:

  • 4 Dome Cameras Color
  • 4 Coaxial and Power Cables 60 ft.
  • 2 Transformers 12V DC
  • 1 Standalone DVR 4 channels 250 GB HDD, USB port for archiving events, Motion Detection on all cameras, On-Screen Calendar and Timeline 24 hrs., Remote Video over Internet Capability, Recording up to 2 weeks on Motion Detection
  • 1 Flat Panel 17" LCD Monitor Desktop (optional)

*Based on average installation, price may vary up or down depending on the complexity of the installation. Videocom to do a free site survey before any quotation.

This package is best suited for:
Pizzerias, Bakeries, Fast Food Restaurants, Delis, Bagel Stores, Cafes, Laundromats, Small Day care Centers, Beauty Salons, Small Retail Stores and Small Restaurants.

What are the key benefits of using a Videocom security camera system?

It Can...

  • Increase Life Protection
  • Increase Asset Protection
  • Increase Liability Control
  • Increase Control over Supplies
  • Increase Customer Care Performance
  • Increase Production among Employees
  • Decrease Employee Theft
  • Protect Honest Employees
  • Decrease Shop Lifting
  • Deter Crime
  • Increase Peace of Mind
  • Increase Bottom Line Profits
  • Increase Your Personal Freedom


  • PC Based & Standalone DVRs
  • Quadruplex: See Live, Record, Playback and View Remotely ALL at the same time
  • DVR with Motion Detection feature for each camera
  • Built-in CD/DVD Burner to archive events
  • Up to One Month Recording or more depending on the HDD capacity
  • Instant Playback by Date and Time using the On-Screen Calendar
  • 24 Hour Timeline for each camera
  • Digital Zoom In/Zoom Out for each camera on playback mode
  • LAN/WAN capability, see Live or Playback over the Internet
  • USB Ports for external archiving and print


Videocom installs security camera systems in New York, including New York City (Manhattan NYC), Long Island, Flushing, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond. Our security cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are largely used in commercial and residential buildings.



Videocom Systems installs a large variety of security cameras. With 20 years of experience in the security business Videocom has a definite advantage in selecting the right cameras for the right application. We are using the latest technology available on the market today, from standard cameras to Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras. READ MORE»



cctv monitor

With the advance of technology today, Videocom installs mostly LCDs type monitors with Composite Video or VGA- DVI inputs and TOUCH SCREEN monitors. Videocom always considers high contrast ratio with high resolution monitors for a better quality picture. READ MORE»







ptz controllerPTZ Controller with 3.5" LCD for Video and 3 Axis and RS-485. The monitor keyboard is a product which can control a camera and the decoder. The EIA/RS-485 imports between keyboard and camera. One keyboard can control up to 256 cameras, the most communication distance is 2.4 Km. The end device can be set to be controlled with the keyboard. Front device such as pan/tilt, lens, and lamp light can be controlled with the keyboard by direct control from the decoder. READ MORE»



digital video recorderVideocom’s Digital Video Recorder records multiple video signals generated by CCTV cameras. Images are stored into HDD. DVR is based on PC architecture. Consequently, advantages of PC based DVR follows. First, capable of performing quick and easy access of video archive; you can search and display your incidents instantly by hours, minutes and even by seconds. Second, networking via internet by using network adapter or modem, Digital Video Recorders allow you to access CCTV images through internet, enabling remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of PCs is transferring and transforming data; same rule applies to PC DVRs; transfer video data by using CD-RW/DVD. READ MORE»

Videocom works with Real Estate Managing Agents, Board of Directors of Coops and Condominiums, Resident Mangers and Superintendents in order to provide state of the art camera surveillance solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Videocom provides and installs DVRs with...


Videocom's DVRs are compatible with 3G Smart phones like: Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Android.

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Our stand-alone DVRs provide High Definition Video Surveillance Systems, with individual resolution and frame rates setting for recording. Also, network bandwidths control via dual streaming, along with powerful video management solutions via Web-client and CMS. Our DVRs are compatible with smart phone surveillance by web browser and mobile application. The DVRs are adaptable for extended data storage by E-SATA connection. READ MORE»