proximity card reader

ProxPoint Plus 6005

HID's ProxPoint Plus reader combines multiple configuration options with an attractive, inconspicuous design and economical price. Its secure potted electronics are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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proximity keypad reader

HID ProxPro with Keypad Reader

This new generation reader it is used for entry level applications that will expand, or for remote locations. It stores up to 2000 users and 1000 time stamped transactions. It is compatible with all HD proximity cards and key tags. Its detachable antenna module can be mounted up to 10 feet away from the control unit, indoors our outdoor.

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mid range readers

Indala Mid-Range Reader 610

The Indala 125 kHz Mid-Range Reader product line is a highly-secure proximity reader. The HID Indala Mid-Range reader, with FlexSecur® technology, is designed for applications requiring a longer read range of up to 12 inches. These high-quality Indala Proximity Readers deliver outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming technology, a uniform core module, and a range of stylish designs.

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fingerprint reader terminal

Network Fingerprint Biometrics Reader

This terminal is used by companies that need the access and Time & Attendance control. It can be used as standalone or in a networked environment(TCP/IP).

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fingerprint biometric reader

Fingerprint and Biometrics Reader

It lets your finger be the key. Weatherproof outdoor Standalone fingerprint identification system.

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turnstile reader

Glasswing Turnstiles Reader

The Fastlane Glasswing is designed for high throughput sites and uses fast acting retracting glass barriers in conjunction with state of the art optical technology to provide a high throughput security gate. The glass barriers are designed to work in a normally closed mode and retract inside the pedestal after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorized user to pass

proximity card

Proximity Card

Proximity card can be read by a proxy reader within a range of 0-3 inches allowing the user to even leave the card in one's wallet, or purse.

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proximity cards

Proximity Card with ID Picture

It features a graphics quality surface optimized for Photo ID printing. The card is available in standard PVC construction, or a composite polyester/PVC construction for more demanding high wear and tear environments.

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Card Printers

This card printer offers advanced design and superior performance using leading-edge technologies and paying attention to detail, it creates a trailblazer in the field of personalized card printers.

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proximity keycard

Proximity Key Fob ( Key Card)

The Key Fob provides user convenience in a small, ergonomic, and extremely durable package. The tag is equipped with a brass eyelet for attachment to a key ring that ensures the neck of the tag will not break during the life of the system. Key Tags are especially convenient for building entrances where the user still has their car keys in hand.

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