The one Door Access Package Includes Installation of:

  • 1 Access Controller(Expandable)
  • 1 Proximity Reader
  • 1 Proximity Key Fob
  • 1 Access Software CD
  • 1 Backup battery
  • 1 Power Supply

All entries recorded by Name, Time & Date, WHO, WHERE & WHEN. Add or Delete Entry in Seconds. User can access door using a Key fob or a Key card attached to a key chain.

This package applies only for 60 ft. of cable from reader to access controller; same floor installation, only one wall drilling. Customer to provide compatible PC. AC outlet 110 volt where requested by Videocom. Tax applies where applicable.

This package is best suitable for:

Buildings NY: Gyms, Laundromats, Restaurants: Wine Cellars,
Corporate: Small Offices and Supply Rooms.

Why Biometrics?

Today's media for storing passwords and PINs are only suited for temporary storage media. However, they have one big disadvantage: they can be lost or misplaced. So what would be better for authentication than one's own physical, biometric traits? Biometric traits cannot be forgotten bypassed on to, loaned to, or stolen from users. Videocom offers two different types of biometric technologies - an identification solution and a verification solution. Basis for both methods is the use of the reference fingerprint for identifying individuals.

Let your finger be the key

Fingerprint Biometric Reader

Fingerprint Biometric Readers provide the highest level of fingerprint biometric performance and accuracy. Users are assured that their bio identity remains securely in their possession at all times. Ideal for use stand-alone or integrated into other access control systems. READ MORE»

Let your hand be the card

From franchise chains to residential buildings the Hand Reader terminal has proven to be a practical and precise solution as compared to card access and/or photo ID badge systems.

Hand Punch Biometric Time Clock

With this system there is no need to create access cards, administer, carry or lose them. The Hand Reader measures the unique size and features of a hand and provides identity in less than a second. Minimum supervision is required and leaves no opportunity for buddy punching and time fraud.


Videocom installs door access control systems in New York including New York City (Manhattan NYC), Flushing, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond. We are committed to Corporate America in providing leading edge access systems proximity, biometrics, hand geometry, fingerprint, retina scan, voice verification, backed by superior customer service, technical support and customer training. READ MORE - WATCH VIDEO»


proximity reader

Videocom installs a large variety of card reader technologies -- from biometrics to magnetic stripes to proximity cards - that may be used with its physical access control systems. Some technologies may be mixed within the same system to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution.




cctv monitor

Videocom installs a wide selection of access control hardware and software systems to suit your needs and your budget. Our systems give you unlimited latitude in how you manage the systems regardless of whether there is one building or multiple buildings in your system.









Videocom installs over 30 models of UL Listed multi-voltage electromagnetic locks exerting 650 lbx to 1500 lbs holding force that are sized for any traffic control/high security application. Special models are available for gate, delayed egress, and custom length housing installation. We have available a wide variety of exit and monitor controls in multiple switching styles, button shapes, illuminated, narrow width and time delay for emergency, and ADA applications. Our UL exit sensor bar relies on modern optical electronics to dependably release any electric lock. The all metal, all weather design is activated by any means including touch, clothes, carts, making it ideal for ADA application. Power supplies from 1 to 10 amps, 12 or 24 volt output featuring built-in battery charging, user friendly modular electronics, expandable to 10 zones, supplied in an attractive key lockable enclosure. READ MORE»


Videocom Systems furnishes and installs ID Card Systems, Printers and accessories. Our friendly representatives are hands on experts who will help you decide which software camera, printer, ribbons, PVC cards and other equipment are right for your company or organization. Custom Photo ID's may include up to 6 variables. One variable is the photo, the other 5 are lines of text that may change from tag to tag. Our systems are comprised of: Single Sided, Dual Sided, Laminated Photo ID Systems. We work with top brand devices, like FARGO, MAGICARD, PERSONA and others.