2 Speakers BOSE In-Ceiling Mount Package Includes Installation of:

  • 2 BOSE In-Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers
  • 1 Mixer Amplifier 15 watts
  • 1 Lot Cable & Screws
  • 1 Power Supply

This package applies only for 60 ft. of cable installation from the furthest speaker installed to the mixer amplifier, same floor installation, no wall penetration, drop ceiling only. Customer to provide AC outlet 110 volt where requested by Videocom. Tax applies where applicable.

This package is best suitable for:
Small Bars and Restaurants , building lobbies, entrance door - reception area, small offices, retailers, bakeries, pizzerias, laundromats, bagel shops, ice cream stores, etc.

Meeting the needs of Audio Systems for Restaurants:

It is a known fact that music and dining are interrelated and one compliments the other. How else can you portray an upbeat, or relaxed atmosphere in your restaurant than by providing high quality sound? Customers enjoy themselves when all the parts inter wind: decor, lighting, quality of service and quality of sound. Most of the sound systems today in restaurants deliver uneven sound coverage, resulting in music being played lout at one table and mostly inaudible at another table. When you engineer a complete audio system the music becomes part of the enjoyment process and not work against it.

Meeting the needs of Audio Systems for Retail:

"If shoppers are comfortable in a space and like the atmosphere, they are more likely to spend an extra five or ten minutes there. And that extra five minutes could mean an extra $50 on their bill."

Ed Pettersen, Kinney Shoe Corporation

" The key in creating a positive atmosphere is to have all of the senses - sound, vision, smell and touch - in sync," says Fred Robinson, manager of store planning and design for Edison Bros. Stores. " Hearing is one of the key senses to which a customer relates"

By choosing the right music, playing it at the right speed and with a high quality sound system you increase your chances of keeping the customers more in your store.

Retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister have taken advantage and created a dance-club atmosphere in their stores by using music and videos that appeal to the teenage market and thereby becoming teens hang out places. According to statistics teens across the country spent $172 billion last year, up 11% vs $302.31 billion that their parents spent, a 10% decrease from the previous year.

Our customers judge a successful system based on the 3 Will-its.
Will it be loud enough?
Will it be clear?
Will it go into feedback (echo)?


Videocom provides Audio Video installation for commercial and residential applications in New York, New York City - Manhattan, Flushing, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our audio and video installation equipment is widely used in Retail Stores, Bars and Restaurants, Clubs and Night Clubs, Hotels, House of Worship, Theaters and Home audio video installation. READ MORE - WATCH VIDEO»


bose speaker

Videocom installs a large selection of high quality speakers including Bose, Tannoy, JBL and other brands that provide with an astonishing sound. The speakers produce a wide range of frequencies: Subwoofers- for very low frequencies, woofers - for low frequencies, mid or high-mids - for middle frequencies, tweeter- for high frequencies, and super-tweeters - for very high frequencies. READ MORE»



controls We install Stereo Receivers, Mixer Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Crossover Processors, Equalizers EQs including RENE, Crown, QSC, DAS and other state-of-the-art audio controls. We also install AV Receivers with 7 channels, including surround sound. Our crossovers separates the incoming signal into different frequency bands appropriate for each driver. Our mixers are routing, changing the level of audio signals. READ MORE»


Our plasma and LCD screens deliver vivid, detailed imagery, with stunning contrast ratio and give you ultra-crisp graphics and text. We can deliver the sharpest, most detailed HD images possible, displays that would allow you to adjust the Blu-ray player’s HDMI output to 24 fps for improved picture quality.

Our Blu-ray Disc Player is up-converting the sound of regular DVD players and let you enjoy the highest quality sound with the flexibility to hook into the main music system. We can bring 100% digital television and sound into your building, home or business. READ MORE

Sports Bar

We also provide high-quality, high fidelity audio video standalone systems with retractable screens, projectors and microphones. We set up audio/video rooms for media presentations as well as television or movie viewing.

You’re invited to experience our success stories with lots of restaurants and other businesses where we installed audio – video systems and then let you decide if Videocom is the only logical decision for the installation of audio video equipment for your place.

After Videocom sound system installation, you would hear an accurate quality of sound in your business that would meet with the highest of your customers demand.

After Videocom sound system installation, you would hear an accurate quality of sound in your business that would meet with the highest of your customers demand.


Videocom Video Wall System is the installation of choice for those who have the need to produce a high quality, inexpensive video wall. Models are available for a 1x4, 2x2, or 3x3 video wall. The 2x2 and 3x3 models can be expanded to produce a 4x4 or a 9x9 video array. Connect our video wall controller directly to a laptop or desktop computer with a single DVI cable and instantly the hi-definition computer image is displayed on a large video wall. No extra set-up is required because our video wall controller automatically detects the correct settings. Videocom video wall controller requires a high resolution dual link DVI input from the video source. The video source is split directly over the display array with no image scaling or adjustments. Controlling the unit can be performed remotely using the remote control or from a connected computer with an RS232 serial port. Videocom’s installed video wall controller can be automatically configured to produce three output modes; video wall mode, clone mode, and replication mode. These modes are automatically configured based on the input resolution received from the video source. The video wall mode accurately splits the input image over the display array. The clone mode displays the same image on all monitors. The replication mode shows the same image on each row of monitors.


Videocom installs and services different kind of jukeboxes for pubs, bars and restaurants, including coin operated machines as well as, digital downloading over the internet.